May 21,2000. It was a nice pool party and then the incident happend. I was swimming until i drowned and drank the water. It was full of chlorine and it made me a monster then people kept shooting at me.

December 14,1997. I was playing in the park with my brother Lois and my friends. We all ran because of the sight of The Slenderman. Some of us escaped a few were not that lucky.

I became angry, i took a black jacket and blue jeans, then i ran away for a few days. I found the forest we ran from, then i found a bottle of chlorine with a page, it says, Leave me alone...

I ate some chips that i found on the ground, then drank some cold water. I kept walking it felt like forever but i found him. He chased me but nothing reached me, i drank the chlorine bottle by mistake, then i turned into something horrific.

He stopped and teleported back, then he left a note saying, i think its time for a reunion... I didn't understand who?

I turned back but not fast enough for me to be seen by some HOBOS. They chased me with pipes, an axe and a torch. I lost em but slenderman caught me.

3 hours later i woke up in a big room like 661 big bricks were used he was the staring at me he was not moving at all until Jeff the killer came he laughed and said, its way past your bedtime... They both jumped at me but i still have a wing so i escaped and kick them both in the face.

2 days later i finnaly got home i was bloody but i'm okay for now.