The Band Music plays.

Freddy:"Hey Kids Wanna have Some Fun? Go to Pirate Cove For a Little Suprise".

The Curtains Opened.


Jason:Mom why are we here? I don't even like Freddy Fazbear's.

Jason's Mom:You loved it here Remember?

Jason:Uh yeah when i was little now it's just boring, I'm gonna look for my friends now.

Jason's Mom:Who exactly are your Friends?

Jason:Jennifer, Jack, Josh, and John.

Jason's Mom:Ok, Don't Talk to strangers ok?

Jason Walked with his Friends to the Back stage, and then they Saw Golden Freddy, Jason was Suprised to see his Favorite Animatronic Still in one peace.

Golden Freddy:Hey kids Wanna have some fun? go meet me in the kitchen i have a suprise for all of you.

Jason: Roger that Golden Freddy.

An Hour Lasted Jason and his Friends were getting impacient then Golden Freddy came,

Jason:What took you so long?

Golden Freddy:I just lost my mind but i'm here right?

Golden Freddy Took a knife and Stared at The children like a Dead guy, Golden Freddy took his Costume off and the children were terrified, Instead of An Endoskeleton, They saw a Purple Man

Purple Man:*Laughs* Thanks For coming to Freddy Fazbears Pizza, We Won't Be seeing you next time!

they ran and ran, but the doors were all locked, Jennifer Screamed so much She was the First one to Die, John was trying to Fight back but he just managed to get a scratch on him but just got Stabbed, Josh Was eventually running for his life the man Grabbed his neck And started to stab him, Jack Just managed to punch him but the purple guy Cut his Face Bit by Bit, and Jason With so much Rage he Broke the Purple Man's Ankle, But he Was just Stabbed in the Eyes... Momments later a Puppet saw the bodies, It gave them the suits of the old Animatronics, Jennifer was Chica but she couldn't shut her mouth, John was Freddy, Josh was Foxy, Jack was Bonnie with A huge Chunk of his Face Ripped off, and Jason with the most Special Suit of all, Golden Freddy...

A year later, when "The Bite of 87" occured.

little kid:Mommy, mommy look at that one.

The kid's mom: don't touch it, it's on the rules we must obey them or we will get kick out.

The kid approched Mangle.

little kid:Hahaha! It's mouth looks funny.

Mangle Closed her/his mouth and bit the kid's frontal lobe. All the kids that were there ran away screaming like nails on a chalkboard.